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Shiny New Publication

Literary Mama has just published a piece of creative nonfiction, Good to Go, that I initially wrote in the throes of I-WANT-ANOTHER-BABY. I’m very grateful not to live in that emotional state anymore, even if I still get a little teary when I dwell too long on it. When I’m editing an essay, for example…

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I was thrilled that they decided to publish the piece at all, but ecstatic when they chose to include it in their October Desiring Motherhood issue. One of the biggest struggles I had with longing for that third baby was feeling as though I didn’t have the right to wish for anything beyond the blessing of two healthy kids, so being included in this particular issue is an extra gift for me.

For the record, we did finally take the option of further procreation off the biological table, and I feel pretty good about it.

However… when both of my children have misplaced their listening ears and I am desperate for writing time and the house is a mess and someone throws a tantrum over snacks, it is still too soon to point out what a mistake it would obviously have been to go for baby #3. (Just in case a certain husband is reading this.)


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